Revised: 1 July 2014

Medical Devices

The Web Assisted Notification of Devices (WAND) Database

For medical devices to be legally supplied in New Zealand they must be notified to the WAND database. Notification of medical device information to the WAND database is free and there are no on-going fees. Devices must be notified to the WAND database within 30 calendar days of a person or organisation becoming the sponsor of the device.

Medical Device Glossary

Definitions of terms used in WAND.


Explanation of the WAND database

WAND is the notification system for medical devices in New Zealand.


Definition of a Medical Device Sponsor

The legal definition and responsibilities of a medical device sponsor.


Regulatory Requirements for Sponsors

The legal requirements for medical device sponsors in New Zealand.


Risk Classification of Medical Devices

Explanation, rules and application of risk classification for medical devices in New Zealand.


Exempt Medical Devices

Advice on determining whether a device is exempt from notification to WAND.


If you have a problem using WAND please contact us at

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