Revised: 15 October 2019

Safety Information

Medsafe Online Recalls Database

From 1 July 2012 summary information about all recall actions initiated in New Zealand is available via a publicly accessible and searchable database, known as the Medsafe Online Recalls Database. Information about some recall actions initiated before 01 July 2012 is available in the archive.

Quality concerns archive

You should not stop taking a medicine or stop using a medical device which is mentioned in a recall. In certain cases you may need to obtain new supplies of your medicine or medical device. Your healthcare professional will contact you if this is the case.

If you have any concerns about your health or if you think you have experienced an adverse event, please contact your healthcare professional as soon as possible.

You can also get advice from Healthline 0800-611-116

Explanation of recalls

Recall actions may be initiated by importers and manufacturers in response to safety or quality concerns related to a specific therapeutic product. Medsafe works with therapeutic product suppliers and manufacturers to ensure such products are removed from the market in an effective and efficient manner.

Recall actions vary in the risk they pose to the safety of patients and users.

A recall action does not always mean that the product is being withdrawn from the market. There are several types of recall actions that can occur which are linked to different types of therapeutic products. It may not always be practical to replace a product, however, it may be modified or updated or require more vigilant monitoring.

Recalls often target a specific subset of product such as a particular lot or batch, serial number range, or software version. Products that are outside of that specific group will not be affected by the recall action.

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Database updated: 11 July 2024

The database is updated every Friday with information two days in arrears. This allows time for the sponsor to distribute the recall communication.

Data in the database can be searched using several different criteria as explained below.

  1. Select to search for medicines, medical devices or both (The default is both).
  2. Input a keyword from the description of the product being searched (ie, the brand name) OR
  3. Medicines can also be searched by selecting the ingredient (active pharmaceutical ingredient) used in that product.
  4. Specify a date range to search within.

If you do not select any search criteria clicking on the “Search” button will display all records in the database.

For more information about a specific recall action, click on the name of the product.

Product type:
(Medicine only)
  (use format 31 Dec 2001)

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Recall Action Definitions

Explanation of the terms used to describe and define therapeutic product recall actions.

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